Security Services

Security Control is an organization where professionals work passionately to protect people, privacy, property and goods. We stand for a high level of services, quality solutions, a keen eye for well-being, and care for those involved.

Our site security focuses on events and businesses that have extraordinary requirements concerning their security. Our people are extremely well-trained and use advanced technology and best-of-class resources. This is what always sets us apart from the rest.

All of our employees share a passion for security. Security is in their DNA. We continuously invest in our services, in order to continue to be one of the Benelux’s top security agencies. New technology and innovative applications are what make Security Control a unique player in its field.

A personal and professional approach is essential to our way of working. This is reflected in our exceptional level of client satisfaction and client loyalty.


We advise you on the best security method and on a suitable service for the event, area, venue and guest profile. We will always provide you with a thorough evaluation before the event takes place. Therefore, you will have a detailed security plan, an overview of the procedures and, if necessary, a communications plan and a disaster preparedness plan. At your event, our security professionals can be dressed either in uniform, in casual attire or formal attire (tuxedo).

Site Security

Optimal site security can prevent tremendous financial, economic and emotional damage. Security Control is aware that every site has its own security requirements, and achieves a very high level of security. Protecting shops, offices or other commercial properties goes beyond installing good door locks. Security Control focuses on providing advanced security solutions. In addition, we are proficient at advising you and delivering the Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E) reports that health and safety organizations require. Security Control is specialized in protecting complex sites and sites with a high risk profile.

Security Dogs

Our security dogs are specially trained by us and make excellent guards. We can deploy them for the detection of explosives, drugs, weapons, fireworks, money and tobacco.


Our fireguards and security guards are nationally certified. We carry out advanced fireguard, manhole guard, First Aid and gas detection services at a high level of security. For this we always use well-trained professionals. Our professionals provide a sense of security and make sure everything is taken care of.


Our firm deploys its own X-ray machine, security scanners and other security and control systems in order to protect its clients.