Family Security Programme

In our organization, we have a unit that is specialized in managing people-related risks and providing security advice. This team of experienced experts devotes itself full-time to a Family Security Programme.

The Family Security Programme consists of a number of advanced security measures and arrangements. These measures and arrangements are based on many years of expertise, and concentrate mainly on the prevention and resolving of incidents in people’s private lives. Our experts analyze the situation and consequently focus on producing the right measures and making these discussable. In this way, we create and implement solutions that provide security and peace of mind, while keeping the impact on people’s daily lives to an absolute minimum.

We provide these specific services to family offices and their affiliated organizations. Our personal approach is key. We are very flexible and provide tailor-made solutions. This enables us to upscale measures immediately when necessitated by certain circumstances.


In our Family Security Programme you can rely on:

  • Clear insights into your potential risks.
  • Clear insights into the manner in which risks can present themselves.
  • A good combination of measures and arrangements for the prevention of incidents.
  • Appropriate assistance, support and advice in the event that privacy has unexpectedly been breached.


A Family Security Programme may consist of the following parts:

Personal Profiles

In the event of unexpected incidents, investigative agencies will need quick access to specific information and particulars of the people involved. This is of vital importance if investigations are to be started. Security Control can take care of professional, confidential registration and storage of such information.

Adaptations to Vehicles

A number of (communication) adaptations made to the vehicles of those involved can be of value to achieving both preventive and reactive objectives of the Family Security Programme. The adaptations will be brought about, guided and checked by Security Control.

Crisis & Risk management

In the event of an incident, an appropriate, quick and authoritative response is vital. In the opinion of Security Control, a small team of specialists and professionals in various fields must be available. This team will be set up after ample consideration and will be prepared for its (possible) tasks and roles.

Training Courses

Secretaries, personal assistants, chauffeurs and also household staff must be trained to contribute towards the security of those involved. This is why Security Control regularly takes care of specialized, practical training courses and instructions.

More information

24/7/365 Response Service

Family Security Programme members can rely on support from a helpdesk service. In the event of incidents, Security Control will deploy one or more colleagues within a realistic response time to advise and aid those involved.

Internet and ICT Surveillance

The vulnerability in the use of (private) PCs, laptops and possibly PDAs will be established and assessed. In addition, Security Control will analyze the risks of (internet) connections with systems in the ‘outside world’. Regular surveillance will be carried out on the internet at so-called ‘chatroom level’. Our objective is to discover the communication and attention centered around those involved, and to establish their credibility.

Chauffeur Services & Transport Coordination

Those involved in the Family Security Programme can request a specialist chauffeur at all times. Our chauffeurs are certified and have the right skills in order to transport passengers safely, quickly and comfortably. To this end, they have a keen eye for security risks and, if necessary, they are capable of drawing up a (route) security plan.

Investigation and Screening (of private staff)

Those involved must be able to rely on the integrity of the staff who are closest to them, both in private and at work. They should be able to expect that these people will not be of unnecessary risk and will not cause risks. By communicating openly and clearly with these people, Security Control will guarantee the prevention of ‘little’ mistakes.

Home security for occupants

An inventory will be made of existing facilities and these will be assessed as to their adequacy and effectiveness. Necessary adjustments and supplements will be presented in an improvement plan. The activities that are carried out to realize these, will be organized, guided and inspected by Security Control. To this end, organizational, constructional and electronical measures will be brought together in a logical context. Delay and response times need to be at such a level that occupants can wait under safe circumstances for alerted emergency services to arrive.

Preventive Observation (Dynamic & Static) and Personal Security

Depending on the risk profile and the established security objectives, Security Control will advise that so-called preventive observation is carried out periodically. The purpose of this type of observation is to assess to which degree there is a matter of ‘undesired attention’ (at specific times or specific locations) in the vicinity of those involved. Preventive observation can be switched to so-called security nearby if Security Control sees the need for this and/or if those involved require this.

Security Briefings

Those involved in the Family Security Programme and those who are part of the daily living and work environment (employees), must be able to summon up a certain degree of focused alertness. This will enable them to recognize ‘danger signals’. To develop this alertness, Security Control provides periodical and (extremely) practically-oriented information sessions.