Protecting People, Property & Information

Security Control puts many years of experience in security to practice, in order to deliver tailor-made solutions when it comes to securing people, objects and information. Tailor-made solutions are part of our safety strategy; since no threat resembles the next, there is no standard solution.

Since 2003 Security Control offers their services throughout the Netherlands with special focus on quality and safety levels. Customer satisfaction is our main goal. Together we make your objects safer and make your events a success! Our specialists always operate with our key values in mind: personal, simple and trustworthy. And always assuring that everything is managed securely.




Threats can manifest themselves in several ways. At Security Control, we are familiar with all of them, so that we can use the most effective measures against them. We combine high technology with smart thinking. Moreover, we always make sure that our security solutions do not interfere with the lives of the people involved.

Security Control has been the security partner of families and persons with a high-risk profile for many years. Our people speak many languages, are highly trained and understand the environment in which you operate. Of course we would rather not be needed, but unfortunately we are and that is why we prefer to operate in the background, without affecting the daily activities.

A personal approach, simplicity and trustworthiness are the core values that are key to our security services and this is how we make a difference in the effective security of you and your family (relatives).

Security Control has a special learning program for children and their caretakers (Security Awareness Training Kids) to make children aware of their environment and the effects of their actions. Resilience, alertness and awareness are key to a program which anchors security in daily life in a playful and accessible way. These specialist services are placed under the name www.thehouseofsafety.nl



Security Control employs information supply and information security specialists, both on-site and in the cloud. Security Control joins physical and IT security and this is what makes us unique in the market. We raise your information security and supply to a higher level, taking into account the human factor. The added value of Security Control consists of an intelligent combination of our experience in physical security and available IT components. We focus on a more intelligent, reliable and cost-effective information supply and security. We keep it simple, make it personal and create trust.

Consultancy & Secondment

We have experienced consultants who use a hands-on approach and find concrete solutions, and who would like to design and implement these for you.

Digital Forensic Investigation

Fraud, irregularities, infringements of your information security, your organization has to deal with the negative consequences. Thanks to its experience in physical security, Security Control has an advantage over the rest of the market. We combine traditional detection methods intelligently with the new technical innovations to achieve the maximum result.



Securing real estate and property may not sound very spectacular, but it is. By optimising objects’ security, enormous financial, economic and emotional damage can be prevented. Security Control is aware that every object demands different security solutions and makes high quality security a reality.
Your office is your second home and therefore we also consider your office your second home! Providing security for offices, shops or other businesses is more than installing a proper lock on the door. Security Control focuses on providing first-class security solutions and in addition we provide advice and conduct Risk Inventory and Evaluations (RI & E’s)/risk inventory and assessment reports, required by the Health and Safety authorities.

Security Control employees have received the following training:

1. Access control and CCTV surveillance
2. Reception staff
3. Preventive inspection rounds
4. Closing/opening buildings
5. Key management
6. Host/Hostess functions

All are qualified Security Officer 2 and fully trained in First-Aid (EHBO) and company emergency services (BHV)

Security Control specialises in providing security for complex objects with a high-risk profile; the challenge is ours, you have the security that everything is under control.



Events are often a well-orchestrated chaos, in which people´s behaviour needs to be managed smoothly. At Security Control we have the knowledge required to guarantee the safety of visitors and employees inside and outside the event venue. This ensures that only the event will have surprises in store, not its management.

Security Control stands for a personal approach, trust and confidence and a simple security solution, even for complex assignments. The event itself already requires a great deal of organising, whether it is a private party or a major concert or sports event. To us, your wishes and the experience of the visitors are key!

Security Control goes beyond providing services to you as a client: we also give advice about the best security options, and provide the appropriate services for your event, space, venue and visitor profile. Prior to the event, our event security professionals will provide you with an thorough assessment. This way, you will have a detailed security plan and procedures at your disposal, in addition to a communication and an emergency response plan.
Security Control is your partner in all of Europe when it comes to providing security services for travelling groups or events. To give you complete peace of mind, we maintain excellent contacts with the local authorities that enable us to act and communicate on behalf of your organization to ensure that your event receives the required attention and support from the authorities.

Events consume a great deal of energy from you and your organisation. That is why we provide you with advice and support for obtaining the permits required for your event.
Formal? Informal? It makes no difference to us. Your wishes are key and our security professionals can wear a uniform, casual clothes or formal dress (smoking) during your event.



The dogs, specially trained by Security Control are excellent guards. Always alert, and with better, superior and direction-sensitive hearing than humans. Because their sense of smell is also superior (up to 1 million times better than that of humans), dogs are also excellent detectives. Therefore, we deploy them to detect explosives, drugs, weapons, fireworks, money and tobacco.



Security Control has extensive experience in providing fire-fighters and security guards. We understand that you do not only want security for your business, institution or event, but also someone who guarantees your overall security, using experts. Our professionals, deployed with you as fire-fighters and security guards, have government diplomas. We can provide you with fire-fighters and security guards on a contract basis as well as on an ad hoc basis, regularly as well as long-term.

Security Control provides services throughout the Netherlands. We perform our high quality man hole observation, First Aid, gas measurement and fire fighting activities at a high security level deploying our always well-trained professionals.
Security and customer satisfaction are the key elements in our performance of the activities. We work with you to make sure your projects and events are successful by guaranteeing quality and safety. Our professionals make sure you feel safe and secure that everything is taken care of.



Security Control provides First Aid/Company Emergency Response EAD & VCA (full) training, in which attention to detail and quality are the key elements. The course curriculum includes acquisition of the required certifications and recurrent training, all in accordance with the highest standards and always up to date.

As a recognized CCV training institute, www.thehouseofsafety.nl provides specialist driver instruction from Category D1 to 4 inclusive. During the course, the driver is prepared for personal risks of the passengers and himself at times of arrival and departure. Driving instruction is available for private persons and for employees. The courses can be provided at he traffic control centre as well as our customer´s area of operations.



In aviation, working by strict protocols ensures the tremendous safety of flying. At Security Control, we work in a similar way. Based on checklists, we map our clients’ wishes and needs, in the smallest detail. We develop a safety plan based hereupon, as unique as the individual, object or event that needs securing. This plan details exactly what we can and must do to control risks and offer security. Naturally, this comes with a specification of the costs. After your approval, we start the job.


All specialists at Security Control have a wealth of experience. Gained in the army, with the police and highly recommended private security companies. Well-educated and continuously trained. All of the time we have spent acquiring knowledge and experience, is to your advantage. Because, in the end, security is best taught while practising it. And we have secured many famous events, renowned businesses and well-know people, in our own country and abroad.


For Security Control, it goes without saying that we give something back to society. Security and wellbeing are not obvious for everyone. We believe in the power of connection and uniting to help people who struggle in daily life. In various ways, we support organisations and initiatives that make a difference in a positive way, thereby creating safety and security for all.